AVSA || PARALLELS • [ Anacleto Vitolo | Sergio Albano ]




Parallels” is a speculation about time(S) and its perception.
The founding Concept behind the album is the existence of different “timeplanes” (and related sound, of course) at the same time, the perceptions of those planes from several subjects, both individually and jointly, and about the complexity of the whole sheaf of time planes with their own sound apparatus.
The Album is born from the collaboration between Sergio Albano (Amklon, Grizzly Imploded… ), who is the author of the whole sound sources (guitars, synths, microphones, objects, etc.) and Anacleto Vitolo (AV-K, K.lust, Internos, X(i)NEON, Manyfeetunder ), responsible for the processing, re-synthesis and arrangements of the sound sources.

STREAMING AND PREORDER : https://manyfeetunderconcrete.bandcamp.com/album/avsa-parallels

Sergio Albano: Sound Sources / Guitars / Synths / Microphones / Objects
Anacleto Vitolo: Processing / Synthesis / Live Electronics / Arrangement
Artwork by Andrea Maioli [Kanaka project]
Produced by Manyfeetunder/Concrete
www.manyfeetunder.eu | manyfeetunderconcrete.bandcamp.com